5.0.3 Stable!

Input 5 is now in public stable!

You can look forward to a ton of new features over v4.2. It's a big update!

  • New logo!!
  • Proper examples
  • Defining default bindings is now way clearer using INPUT_DEFAULT_PROFILES
  • Binding profiles
  • Accessibility features, including momentary toggle behaviour and cooldowns
  • Rebuilt the native cross-platform and device-agnostic cursor (it’s back!)
  • Verb groups
  • Chords and combos
  • Easier hotswapping and multiplayer source assignment via source modes
  • Single player mixed input and multidevice modes
  • Multiplayer gamepad and keyboard sharing supported out of the box using dedicated functions
  • Expanded mouse support, including native mouse capture behaviour
  • Player ghosts for use with replay systems, networking, or AI
  • Stronger HTML5 support
  • Bindings can now be manually generated
  • Configuration macros have been expanded and split up for more customisation and greater legibility

We've designed the API to work best with GMS2022.5 but you can still use Input with versions all the way back to GMS2.3. Please read our Newbie Guide to bring yourself up to speed if you're coming from older versions of Input.

Juju and Alynne would like to thank the following people for helping prepare this release:


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Jun 13, 2022

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