5.1.1! Bug fixes!

New Features!

  • Adds optional availableOnly argument to input_source_detect_input() to filter input. This argument defaults to true, only allowing input from sources that are not assigned to a player
  • Adds input_binding_get_source_type() which returns the source type for a binding
  • Rebuilds __input_config_icons() to use a fluent interface. This works around two particularly nasty bugs in GameMaker that have gone unaddressed for at least 6 weeks (#371 #410) and we got bored of waiting
  • Adds imported data verification functions: input_system_verify(), input_player_verify(), and input_profile_verify()
  • input_tick() can now be called freely in the Begin Step event, as was advised in v4 of Input. Doing so will cancel the automatic update so make sure you call input_tick() every frame in a persistent instance
  • Bug Fixes!

  • Updates SDL2 database. We're supporting even more gamepads than before!
  • Adds support for Switch controller on iOS 16
  • Adds support for Wii Remote and Wii Classic gamepads on Linux
  • Works around PlayStation controllers hogging hotswapping due to non-zero values returned by triggers
  • Fixes crash when INPUT_MULTIPLAYER_LEAVE_VERB is set to undefined
  • Fixes input_profile_export() returning an invalid value when opting to export a string
  • Fixes update ticks on older version of GameMaker
  • Fixes multiple issues with binding import/export
  • input_chord_create() and input_combo_create() can now be used on boot
  • In-built cursor can now read mouse position without mouse bindings being set up
  • Use of mb_none for bindings is no longer permitted (but is still valid for use with Input's other mouse-related functions)
  • input_combo_get_phase() now returns the correct value when completing
  • Fixes XInput controller support
  • Corrects multiple default button icons
  • Cleans up blacklist
  • Fixes binding scan not waiting for mouse buttons to be released before scanning for input, leading to mouse buttons always being bound
  • Fixes input_binding_set() crashing when used with custom profiles
  • Fixes empty bindings having no label, leading to invalid return values downstream
  • Fixes crash when importing bindings that contain attached gamepad description data
  • Fixes a couple typos in the default icon config
  • Fixes a couple function signature
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    Aug 13, 2022

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