A downloadable game for Windows

Ah! A new plaything.

Trapped in Purgatory awaiting judgement for your sins, The Prince Of Disharmony has chosen you for his personal entertainment.

Gamble on your life

Every level starts with the Devil presenting you with a choice of two handicaps - will you decide to spawn more enemies, or harder ones? Do you want to move slower, or do you want weaker attacks? Take a bigger risk for a higher reward!

Three unique arenas

Each with their own feel and individual challenges. From a spinning vortex to pistons jutting in from the walls, the Devil lays down a healthy challenge.

With tracks to kill for by @gasparatus:

Blue Arena

Red Arena

Yellow Arena


WASD to move - in-game option for ZQSD, IJKL, and Dvorak layouts

Mouse click (left or right) to attack - click in time with the kick/snare to use different attacks

Note - There is a bug in this build ( where the points values for bets are always appear to be the same. The value added to your score is, however, accurate.


That Demon, Murmur.zip 5 MB