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Winner of the second GMS2 Beta Jam

Channel the power of the witches' coven through your fingertips. Leap through rock, hurl skin-rending fire, shower your enemies in explosive crystals... Whatever it takes to steal victory.

Join up to four players in local or internet multiplayer and duke it out to be crowned Queen Witch. But be wary: hags are a tough and tricky breed. Witches can only be destroyed with water or being crushed. Every time they take a hit, they get a little easier to push around, a little easier to remove.

Featuring the 90s-inspired sound design of blokatt and the enchanting artwork of thirteen.

Gamepads supported.

This game is colourblind friendly. Please turn on dots in the options menu!

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
AuthorsJuju, thirteen, odditica
Tagsartillery, Destruction, Magic, Multiplayer, Physics, worms


Glitch Witches 1_0_3.zip 6 MB
Glitch Witches 1_0_3 source.yyz 24 MB

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