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I love the art, but I really wish I could play in full screen. I was busy wondering how to put it in full screen and missed the introduction. The onboarding is a bit rushed, there is no main menu and get thrown all the instruction on screen during a fixed duration and it's unclear what is flavor and what is tutorial. Also the inputs on screen, it's a neat help, but playing on keyboard, I just don't know what input to press and I was thrown right away into the game with a ticking bomb and no clear objective or instruction, I think I bumped into something and I was suddenly 3 dudes and got destroyed trying to figure out the controls.

The art is great and the game from a first glance seems cool, but there's a lot of work to do with onboarding and pacing.


I liked your game.
I have an unusual request for you.
I see the game is made on game maker studio. can you please give me the source code of the game, if necessary, cutting out the materials under copyright. I want to make a global mod for boss, new planets, new ReDim games, etc.
I promise that I will not use the source code in competitions, jams, for sale and other things. just for me.
thanks in advance.

lit af and runs on my potatolaptop so great work! awesome style with the artwork.

only critiques- camera is jumpy, some indicators for attacking would help, ai should chase when you shoot from far, music doesn't fade quite right (but sounds great), etc.

Cheers! Yeah we were very happy with how the music turned out : ) No disagreements with your feedback whatsoever, we definitely should've spent a bit more time polishing the gameplay.

What laptop are you running?

Doesn't work on El Capitan. Says "damaged and can't be opened" :(

Could you please fix it.

Hiya, due to engine issues caused by Mac OS updates we will not be able to support newer Macs.

I've tried downloading the Mac version a couple of times and every time it ends up telling me that the file is "damaged and can't be opened." Not sure what to do about that, i was looking forward to playing :/

Hi, what version of OSX are you running?


Cool! Like the tone.


Thanks! Ajmal came up with the concept for that :)


Really cool.


We did our best :)



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Big thanks to Jimmy and Ajmal who did a great job!